Brian Brown heads our Malpractice and Trial team, and has done so with great success, having received accolades from Jurists and Jurors alike for his Trial skill; as well as high praise from the local media, New York Magazine, and Superlawyers.

Brian works with a deep roster of medical experts – often leaders in their field and outside of the “tried and true” group of “usual suspects” and has led our firm to a tremendous record of success in malpractice cases. We have obtained tens of millions of dollars in malpractice settlements and verdicts, and to date we have simply not lost a malpractice case; a statistic unheard of in a practice area when more than 90% of cases lead to a defense verdict.

Brian achieves this success by selecting only the most meritorious cases and devoting every resource to ensuring success. We identify and retain experts before ever filing a case and every single malpractice case in this firm is prepared for Trial. Our approach and preparation has yielded an unblemished record.

A sampling of our results in this arena include a settlement for $6,000,000, a verdict for $5,700,000, a settlement for $3,500,000, a settlement for $3,300,000, and a verdict for $2,400,000 and a settlement for $2,050,000.